Welcome to our new homepage! The purpose of "Christian Bull Riders" is to  minister to Christian Bull Riders and Cowboys in general and to reach out to the lost. We are not outsiders "looking in" but Cowboys ourselves! Our ministries include Cowboy Church services, counseling, prayer etc.

So who or what are we? We are Christians as described in the Bible. We come for all sorts of denominations and from different parts of the world. Gods word, the Bible, teaches that everybody that trusts in Jesus Christ for salvation is a Christian. So it does not at all matter what denomination you are...If you trust in Jesus Christ you belong to his Church. No matter if you are called Methodist, Baptist or whatever. There are many christian denominations these days... Some Christians believe you can`t or can drink alcohol, others are big on how to dress properly

etc... But as long as you TRUST in Jesus Christ for Salvation you belong to the body of Christ no matter what denomination you belong to! And we here at Christian Bull Riders unite all true Christian Bull Riders and Cowboys regardless of denomination or background! Please feel free to contact us for more detailed in- formation.  Do you want to become a Christian? Please click here to learn how!  God bless you!


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                                                                                         All pictures are our own or are used with permission.




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